About Us

At VistaLynk, we believe it is time to create a renaissance in aging. We are committed to changing the way everyone views aging. Our programs help individuals discover and develop the possibilities that exists at every stage of life. Our innovative training and service programs are designed to teach individuals how to explore and express their needs and desires so they can actively create a more satisfying experience of life as they grow older.

VistaLynk was founded in 2004 by Molly F. Prues based on her own experiences as a family caregiver for her seriously ill mother. Molly faced many challenges in helping her mother while working and raising two small children. She experienced first-hand the flaws and failings of the long term care system. She committed herself to becoming an advocate for family caregivers and the older people they care for. It is this passion that leads the company as a leading edge participant to change the current aging paradigm.