Human Resources Professionals

Aging is a complex issue that greatly impacts companies in a variety of ways. Employees are struggling with the demands of caring for older loved ones while trying to be productive at work. Additionally, there are more generations in the workforce than ever before.

"The cost of informal caregiving in terms of lost productivity to U.S. businesses is $17.1 to $33 billion annually. Costs reflect absenteeism ($5.1 billion), shifts from full-time to part-time work ($4.8 billion), replacing employees ($6.6 billion), and workday adjustments ($6.3 billion). "
- (MetLife Study of Working Caregivers and Employer Health Costs: National Alliance for Caregiving, 2012)

Eldercare Benefit

A vast number of employees are finding themselves in caregiving roles. It is estimated that over 50% of the workforce is caring for aging relatives or friends. This prevalence of caregiving within the workforce leads to loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and higher recruitment, retention, and benefits costs. Partnerships in Motion™ is a valuable program for workers struggling to manage their responsibilities, as well as a resource for managers to enhance productivity.

Workforce Diversity

As the Boomers continue to stay in the workforce, there is a challenge among the leadership of organizations to manage the generational diversity. Through trainings such as Partnerships in Motion™, workers of all ages can learn to accept their differences and develop an appreciation for what each generation contributes to the organization.

Employee Engagement

A change in the workforce structure has begun to unfold as the first of the baby boomers begin to turn 65. While some boomers are choosing to remain in their roles within organizations, others have decided to shift the focus of their work. Many Boomers are choosing to work part time. This is having an enormous effect on production within U.S. companies. Valuable leadership and expertise is being lost.

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