Healthcare Professionals

The sustained health and vitality of our aging population is paramount to the future of the healthcare industry. With nearly 78 million baby boomers, there will be great demands placed on our healthcare system. It is estimated that there will not be enough workers in the healthcare workforce to meet the growing need for care. There is also concern about the alarming cost of care for such a large aging population.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
- Benjamin Franklin

Wellness promotion

One solution to the growing healthcare concern is to promote health and wellness practices as a routine part of a health plan. The earlier someone adopts behavior that supports a healthy lifestyle, the better their outcome will be. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t know how to get there by themselves. They often don’t know where to start.

Partnerships in Motion™ is the framework that allows individuals to identify their needs and desires as they grow older and to create action steps around those needs. This proven methodology allows a sustained and supportive outcome that directly impacts the health and well being of the individual.

Patient Education

Educating individuals about healthy behavior and wellness is a significant component that lessens the burden on our healthcare system. Health education allows individuals to take a more informed and active role in healthcare related decisions. It represents an important factor in the overall quality of health organizations. An informed individual who participates in the healthcare process leads to better health outcomes.

Partnerships in Motion™ is an excellent tool for providing patient education. The program empowers participants to be proactive in their well being. This transformation from the adaptation of the program creates mindful behavior that supports sustained positive and healthy behaviors.

Community Outreach

Community wellness programming gives health organizations an opportunity to provide programs and services that promote health and prevent disease. It is a particularly effective means to reach individuals who may not have access to the health information.

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