Partnerships in Motion: A Renaissance in Aging

Partnerships in Motion: A Renaissance in Aging™ is a ground-breaking program designed to assist individuals in creating vitality and satisfaction in their lives. The uplifting and entertaining DVD, along with a corresponding workbook, allows individuals to create new, empowered choices in their lives and caregiving experiences.

The program is fun and highly entertaining! With warmth, humor, wisdom and practicality, Partnerships in Motion™ entertains, educates and challenges participants to live fully and release preconceptions about aging, truly creating a renaissance in aging.

Who Does the Program Benefit?

  • Individuals interested in enriching their lives and relationships.
  • Caregivers caring for an aging parent or loved one.
  • Healthcare professionals who serve an older population.
  • Human Resource professionals seeking resources to help a caregiving workforce.
  • Anyone interested in shifting the way our society perceives and experiences aging.

What are the Benefits of the Program?

  • Healthy, connected support systems and partnerships
  • Enhanced sense of purpose
  • Increased sense of optimism
  • Balanced approach to managing personal needs against the needs of others
  • Increased vitality

How Do I Participate?

You can purchase the program online or participate in a workshop led by an authorized facilitator. View our upcoming workshop schedule here.

How Long Does the Program Take to Complete?

Partnerships in Motion typically takes 4-5 hours to complete. Download a sample of the workbook.

Why it Works

The Partnerships in Motion™ curriculum is based on a proven behavioral change model* where participants are provided a platform to develop the skill-sets required for successful and effective communication in expressing their desires and needs as they age or care for someone that is aging.

In creating clear communication of their desires and needs, participants feel motivated to be their best selves and also feel connected to the collective well-being of the group or organization.

Please take a moment to preview a sample from the DVD. After viewing the film in its entirety, participants use the integrated workbook to apply these skills in their own lives for a more engaged and vibrant way of living.

* The behavior change technology used in Partnerships in Motion is based upon a proven methodology called “The Vibrational Change Theory™ developed by Phoenix Possibilities. The same technology has been used in a nationally acclaimed Stewards of Children program used in preventing child sexual abuse. The technology has been studied and validated by the Medical University of South Carolina and is currently being studied by the Centers for Disease and Control and Harvard School of Public Health. You can find the results from the Medical University of South Carolina study here